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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a wonderful valentines - the truth

Every year on February 14, the world celebrates a holiday of love. Valentine’s Day has a long history since the Middle Ages when a wonderful man, Valentine, was killed because of marrying couples in secret.

Every year on February 14, the world celebrates a holiday of love. Valentine’s Day has a long history since the Middle Ages when a wonderful man, Valentine, was killed because of marrying couples in secret. Today, Valentine’s Day has lost many of its old meanings but still keeps the sweet fragrance of the past and is treasured as the most romantic holiday of the year.

In the past, people used to celebrate this day by giving symbolic gifts and handwritten notes. Nowadays, much hasn’t changed. Symbolic gifts are still given by men and women likewise in order to express their deepest feeling of love and appreciation.

Finding cheap Valentine gifts is not hard as there are plenty of choices out there. Greeting cards replaced the handwritten notes and are one of the most beautiful cheap Valentine gifts available. Choose one that is original in design and simply write on it: “Will you be my Valentine?”. You may be surprised how much your baby will love it even if it’s just a card.

Another idea for cheap Valentine gifts are flowers. Everyone knows that flowers and especially roses have always been considered as a traditional gift between lovers since ancient times. A wonderful blend of lilac, iris, tulip and anemone can transform into the perfect gift for the loved one. Tie the bouquet with a small, red ribbon and you will have the most romantic present ever given to a woman.

A long time ago, on this special day, men offered clothes as gifts for their Valentine. Accepting the gift made the two lovers engaged to be married. Today, Valentine gifts for girlfriend consisting of clothes definitely have another meaning. They are a way of expressing ones feelings and devotion.

Clothes can also fall in the category of cheap Valentine gifts. There are many online virtual stores with reasonable prices and cute outfits available. You can find desirable collections with T-shirts, vest and bags not to mention the many accessories offered. One can also purchase sexy clothing for the loved one, meaning seductive lingerie.

Cupid is one of the most utilized symbols for Valentine’s Day along with the heart-shaped outline. This is why we can find precious yet cheap Valentine gifts in the form of chocolate, perfumes and even clothing. Now it doesn’t matter very much what you choose to buy for your sweetie; the most important thing is that your gift reflects your true feelings.

Many people are having a difficult time in finding the perfect gift for their Valentine. They are fully aware that not the price tag is an issue but how to show ones affection and loyalty. Keep in mind that the gift you select will show how much you love him/her. Browse among the multitude of cheap Valentine gifts available on the market and think first about what your darling values more than anything in the world.

Fortunately, Valentine gifts for girlfriend come today in a wide range of trends and suit all possible tastes. The tradition to give presents of Valentine’s Day has been kept throughout the centuries and has enriched with year that passed. Every year more and more ideas appear and people have a lot of options to choose from.
If you, as an enthusiastic lover, decide to search Valentine gifts for girlfriend, bear in mind that it will always pay to search for the perfect gift. You will make her feel special and more important, loved. And there is no feeling in this world compared to the feeling that there is someone out there caring and thinking constantly about you.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lots of exciting fashion news

Happy Christmas to all our online users, and although theres been some absence since we last posted a lot has been happening!

Two great Fashion websites

Try our new fashion forum at for the latest gossip and celebrity fashion from around the world.

We've also added a fashion blog that'll keep you updated for all the top fashion news, fashion scandals - we get the scoops first before the magazines and papers!! for upto the minute fashion news check out UKFH.

Well, let us be one of the first to wish you a very happy new year and all the best for the fast approaching 2007.

If you have time check out our online shop, there's lots of big savings & great deals going on!


Thursday, November 30, 2006

New lines in at UKFH each week,

Designer & fashion clothes for xmas, partys and more.

Jumper dress style "must have" is a real wow that goes great with jeans for that casual look.
Buy online for £20.00 and receive your item gift boxed, a great Christmas present!

new lines in at UKFH

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Playboy Thong

Thong brings to my mind a sexy piece of intimate wear for women. It’s probably the earliest form of clothing known to man. It finds its origin in the warmer sub-Saharan Africa. A bare minimum piece of loincloth designed for men ; in today’s scenario, it’s a fashion lingerie for women.

The thong gained popularity as a swimwear in the South America, especially Brazil. The word "thong" owes its origin to the Old English thwong, a flexible leather cord. Thong gained popularity in th western world extensively in 1980’s. Today there are a number of styles of a G string. They include the rio, tanga, thong, string thong and microkini.

Celebrities who popularised thong include Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lil' Kim. And who can forget the thong song by Sisqó that took people by the storm in 2000. Thong has had its own share of controversies, which we would rather skip, but sure advantage of the garment is that it spares you the pain of panty lines. Thank goodness afterall its about dresssing aesthetically.

For some it might be outrageous for others it is a fashion faux pax .A whale tail however for the young is fashion foremost. When thong underwear is visible over low-riding pants, it is called a "whale tail".

Thong is also tantalizing lingerie when paired with a skimpy bra.

Now that I have got you excited enough about the thong and you want to possess one too, which one to buy is the question. Playboy and its famous rabbit head logo is the answer to your thong woes. Playboy sheer thong set comes in fine fabric and in interestingly different form the classic piece. Try their ruffled thong with dangling rabbit head charms.

Still conventional and love the skimpy regular piece, try the black Playboy thong set with the rabbit head logo. These are available at UK Fashion House in all shades and styles to choose from.

You could not ask for your intimate wear get more stylish. Playboy offers you the widest choice of thongs from the regular red-hot diamond thong to the garden bunny thong. These come in soft comfortable fabric to give you absolute comfort and you don’t fidget when you wear it.
Go pick your pair of thongs and set the night on fire, after all fashion is not just about wearing too many clothes its also about wearing skimpy sexy thing to show those oh so curvy you.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

SIMPLE WISH... New brand, Now in Stock

Simple wish

Are you of the fashionable of sorts, do you like updating your wardrobe regularly, do you keep a watch on the trends. Some might say you are obsessed with fashion but we at UKFH think you deserve it.

Simple Wish is contemporary clothing for women, which is the right mix of fashion trends and the comfort first theory. Simple Wish has its regular four seasonal launches - Spring, High Summer, Autumn and Year End. To keep up with the new fashion and to help you renew your clothing line at appropriate intervals their follow up collections are interspersed with regular launches.

The USP of the brand is uncomplicated clothes with emphasis on modern designs that leave you feeling extraordinary. What could be better than a well fitting skirt-suit that cuts out the struggle of buttoning up or being bothered by uneven contouring. Pair up your own clothing for your own style statement.

The essence to this brand is having simple sartorial definitions, which caters to the women in real rather than women on the ramp. That is why their fittings are appropriate and not too slim fitting, available in sizes of 8 to 20. The apparels are comfortable and come in clothes for all occasion moods.

You as a women are special and we at UK Fashion house understand that. We are the sole stockists and retailers for Simple Wish. After all it is a simple wish to have you visit us and browse through the collection!

Each launch caters to the moods of the season. Designers at Simple Wish bring together the latest styles and create an ensemble, which gives you an option of good beautiful clothing. The clothes are priced reasonably and fabrics are of best quality.

At UKFH you will see the latest collections of Simple Wish that are available in all cuts and sizes. More over being the stockists, its simple for you to leave an order for the dress of your choice. Being the authorized retailer for the brands we will show cause their newest collections just around the time it’s launched. Do check up with us on Simple Wish’s follow up clothing line.

Have a look at their Year End collection at UKFH and pick some cool stuff as you shop for Christmas.

As a woman, beauty and style is your prerogative, so have a Simple Wish on a special occasion and pamper yourself.

Ladies Designer Clothes

Ladies designer clothes

A woman’s attire is the key ingredient that sums up her personality. It can be spicy, sweet, bland or incredibly tangy. Every ensemble she possesses is special. Behind it, is a unique thought that adorns her mind. Her unmatched style and apparel gives her away. Her clothes mean so much to her because they speak about her innermost strengths and values.

Designer clothes are the most sought after clothes in the fashion world. They depict couture and are largely in vogue. Every woman dreams of possessing designer fabrics as they add that extra appeal to them. They make their looks sophisticated and sensual at the same time.

Reveal your true self through the flirtatious dresses that embrace selected designer outlets this season. Bid farewell to those plain Jane outfits in your closet and go in for a whole new look. Overhaul your style this winter. Give way to your expressions through the right cuts and designs.
Some of the most fantafabulous lives have been shaped through some of the world’s most dynamic fashion wear.

Be it a flirty floral or a classy black, designer dresses are an all time favorite with women. With winter dawning in, every woman needs to replenish her wardrobe. Designer clothes hold immense value and come in just the right kind of fabrics, the ultimate cuts and simply enviable styles. They speak of elegance and define originality.

At UKFH you have a plethora of colors to pick from, exclusive designs and lots of glam. Give in to your passion with the red sequin tube dress or show off your hot bodice with the sexy halter neck dress. There are many designs to choose from. Speak about feelings through the gentle fabrics, their sheer and shimmer, losing your entire self in the warmth of the textures by gifting her a dress she will love.



How many times you stepped out shopping thinking I wish I could find a beautiful white knitted dress that I would sport with a nice beige belt and boots! Oh so unfathomable are my own fashion reverie, you thought. But ICHI designs clothes of your thoughts. The brand for girls.

You are abandoned yet spirited. You love beautiful clothing yet want your own style. You are a tomboy but pride upon your feminity. For the girl in today’s world who speaks her mind, it’s important even her clothes speak and second her thoughts. ICHI is a brand that caters to the need of young girls.

Its chic clothing ensures you are not with time, in fact you are always ahead of times. For a change, people would follow your style statement and brand you a fashion Diva. You would no more want to look up the fashion magazines or hook on to the tele for your daily dose of fashion clothing and accessories, because there is someone designing just for you.

UK Fashion house are the authorized dealer and stockists for ICHI line of clothes. So your own fashion reverie is not so unfathomable, go visit UKFH for that knitted dream dress of yours!

If Impulse is your middle name we know what we are dealing with! It means that you could fall out of love with your favorite red dress for something more defining and lively. ICHI designs take care of your impulsive and ever evolving streak. Check out the ICHI Vee Dress in floral patterns at UKFH and go update your wardrobe.

Do not miss on the ICHI glitter collection, a must have for this season after all festivities are just around the corner. Have a look at the ICHI Gutto Top, which is a dress in sheer fabric. Pair it up with denims to give yourself the ultra feminine feel.

ICHI has five main collections and six x-press collections around the year. Their main collections are categorized: Spring, High Summer, Pre Autumn, Autumn and Year End. The main collections aim at the style and basic design for the season. X-press collection adds up innovations and chic modifications from research over the fashion trends in Europe.

A visit to UK Fashion house is an answer to all your girly instincts for clothes. UKFH has the latest collection of ICHI and updates their stocks with the latest launches.
So go pick for yourself the best buy of the season at an affordable price at UK Fashion house.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Its getting hot...!

Exclusive clubwear now also available at

Excellent gifts and ladies accessories to choose from at UKFH.

Lots of new brands on the way, keep tuned for more details! :-)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Suzy Smith xmas handbags online

Visit UKFH for suzy Smith handbags... great xmas presents and perfect to treat some one special.... 'Paris Hilton' quilted shoulder bag 'Paris Hilton' quilted shoulder bag with charm chain by Suzy SmithA high fashion designed handbag by Suzy Smith, London. The 'Paris Hilton' bag comes in 2 styles and colours.This shoulder barrel bag is quilted PV featuring trademark Suzy Smith ring handle quality fittings, and a charm chain across the front of the bag. Charms include crystals, diamante drop chains, a silver perfume bottle and a silver handbag charm.Ziptop for security and wide opening for ease of use. Organiser section within for everyday use.Dimensions: Height 26cm x Width 21cm x Depth 9cmBlack - Available now.All branded items are 100% genuine. Buy with confidence, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any product purchased.

Black Suzy Smith Leather Hand bag only £49.00 at UKFH As seen in Cosmopolitan by Suzy Smith

As seen in the Cosmopolitan Magazine! Special Christmass offer price Normal price £60.00 This gorgeous Large Slouch Shoulder Bag from the 'Jade' collection by Suzy Smith is in a soft synthetic worn leather look.These bags are bound to sell out very quickly so buy yours whilst you can.Height: 30cm, Weight: 29cm, Depth: 11cmAll branded items are 100% genuine. Buy with confidence, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any product purchased.

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